Q.1 What is the procedure for endorsement of Handicapped child in Pension Papers/PPO.
Ans. As per the provisions contained in the GOI MOD letter No. A/49601/ AG/PS4(c)/3363/B(Pen-services) dated 27 Aug 1987 read with letter No. 6 (10)/87/3206/B/D/(Pen/Sers) dated 03 Sep 87 on the subject, son or daughter of a service personnel, suffering from any disorder or disability of mind or physically crippled or disabled so as to render him or her unable to earn a living even after attaining the age of 25 years was made eligible for grant of family pension for life subject to certain conditions.
In order to make the procedure more simple for grant of pension to these children, Govt. of India vide their letter No. 1/21/91-P&PW(E) (Pt.) dated 15 Jan 99 decided to include the name of Permanent Handicapped children in the Pension Payment Order of airmen/NCs(E). In case of serving personnel respective parent units will take necessary POR to this effect. Airmen/NCs(E) shall send an application along with Medical certificate to Unit Orderly Room and necessary POR will be taken thereon. In case of discharged personnel, they are to submit the following documents so that Sup NE POR will be taken by Pension & Welfare Wing to that effect:-
(a) Birth certificate (If entry is not made in Docs).
(b) Medical certificate duly signed by civil surgeon/of the rank of Brig or equivalent ranks with recommendation his/ her ability or earning livelihood.
(c) Affidavit by First class Magistrate.
Q2. What is Non-Qualifying period towards counting of pensionable service?
Ans. NQP towards counting of pensionable service is as mentioned below:-
(i) Period of absence without leave.
(ii) AWL period regularized as EOL. (iii) Period spent under civil custody, (iv) Detention period awarded by court martial.
Q3. What are the Authorised Banks in my district?
Ans. Click here to see Authorised Banks

Q4. Whether re-medical is to be done in the case of cancellation of normal Discharge Order and re-issue of DO on compassionate grounds.

Ans. Yes, fresh medical certificate (in duplicate) is reQuired with correct date of discharge signed in ink with the stamp of Medical Officer.
Q5. Please clarify about who is authorized “signatory” in Pension Papers.
Ans.. Only a commissioned officer is authorized to sign each and every pension paper.
Q.6 Can I transfer my Pension Disbursement Office/Account?
Ans. Yes, pensioner can change his PDO only after drawing one pension at his old/mentioned PDO. He has to intimate to this office after transferring his PDO for updation of office records.
Q.7 What is the procedure to change my address?
Ans. For change of correspondence address, you have to forward a personal application directly to Pension & Welfare Wing (Service Pension), AFRO, Subroto Park, New Delhi – 110010. In case you wish to change your Permanent address, you are advised to approach Pension & Welfare Wing (Welfare Section) through your Zila Sainik Board. Supplementary NE POR will be taken by Welfare Section.
Q.8 I proceeded on discharge from IAF without taking Commutation of Pension. Can I apply for Commutation now?
Ans. Yes, Commutation can be applied even after proceeding on discharge from IAF, subject to fresh medical examination. You are advised to forward a personal application to Pension & Welfare Wing (Service Pension) with a copy to Medical Wing, AFRO, Subroto Park, New Delhi – 110010. Medical Wing will take up the case for your belated medical examination / board with your nearest Air Force Unit. On receipt of Medical Certificate from your nearest AF Unit, the case will be taken up with O/o JCDA (AF) for Commutation of Pension. A Corrigendum PPO will be issued to you in that effect.
Q.9 I have received my Pension Payment Order without Classification Allowance.
Ans. It is intimated that POR for Classification Allowance is being promulgated by the last unit for post 01 Sep 2008 retirees and Corrigendum PPO will be issued by O/o JCDA (AF) in a phased manner. POR for the left over (upto Dec 11) pensioners is being promulgated by AFRO.
Q.10 I was told that 5 years weightage is being given for Gratuity. But, I have not received the same.
Ans. It is intimated that 5 years weightage is being given while calculating Gratuity (DCRG), upto maximum of 33 years of service. A Corrigendum PPO will be issued by O/o JCDA (AF) in a phased manner for retirees from 01 Jan 2006 onwards. On receipt of Corri PPO, the same will be forwarded to your PDO under intimation to you.
Q. 11 I have received my individual copy of PPO, but my bank/PDO is telling that their PPO copy is lost in transit. What is the procedure to issue Duplicate PPO.
Ans.You are advised to approach your PDO and intimate them to forward an application and Loss Certificate to Pension & Welfare Wing (Service Pension), AFRO Subroto Park, New Delhi – 110010. The case will be taken up with O/o JCDA (AF) for issue of Duplicate PPO.
Q.12 When I will be issued Classification PPO?
Ans. Case for inclusion of Classification allowance in pension i/r/o all post 2006 retirees is under progress and Corr PPO will be forwarded to you and PDO, on receipt of the same from Jt CDA.
Q.13. When I will be issued my suo moto PPO?
Ans. Rectification of Anomaly in fixation of basic pension as per VI CPC is carried out as per MoD letter No. 17(4)/08/(2)/D (Pen/Pol) dated 18 Aug 10. Pensioners discharged on or after 01 Jan 06 and in whose case pensionary benefits have already been notified under the provision contained in Para 6.2 of MOD letter dated 12 Nov 08, the pension sanctioning authorities (PSAs) concerned i.e. O/O JCDA(AF) have been directed to recalculate pension and suo-moto issue Corr PPO, if the recalculated pension is found beneficial. The process of issuing Corr PPO is in progress at O/O JCDA(AF) and Corr PPOs are being issued in a phased manner.
Q 15. Got my name changed in records of AFRO 01– 02 year before the date of discharge as per laid down procedures by producing attested copy of matriculation certificate, yet issue of my PPO is delayed due to change of name in enrolment form.
Ans. As per AFO issued on the subject, if there is any minor amendment in name airwarriors, the same can be corrected by producing attested copy of matriculation certificate and accordingly your name was amended in service records. However, the O/o Jt CDA (AF) reQuires sanction from competent authority for regularization of same for award of pensionery benefits.
Q. 16 I have received the Pension Payment Order. However, the pay drawn in „pay in band‟ stated in the PPO is less/incorrect.
Ans. The pensionery benefits are sanctioned by the O/o Jt CDA (AF) as per the last pay drawn in „pay in band‟ which is fixed by AFCAO. On receipt of representation from individual the case will be forwarded to O/o Jt CDA through AFCAO for rectification and issue of corr PPO.
Q. 17 I have proceeded on discharge from IAF on 30 Sep 11. I am in need of revised Last Pay Certificate, please forward the same.
Ans. The last pay certificate is issued by AFCAO (NEAS). Hence, you are advised to forward a representation to AFCAO (NEAS), Subroto Park, New Delhi - 110010.
Q 18 I want to transfer my pension account. What should I do?
Ans. You are advised to approach your present bank/branch from where you are drawing pension now, for transfer of pension account. After completion of the transfer formalities and after drawing the first month pension from the new Pension Disbursing Office (Bank), the same has to be intimated to this office along with a photo copy of new pension account pass book.
Q 19 Can I give my joint account no. as my pension account?
Ans. Yes. However, the main account holder‟s name should be the pensioner‟s.
Q 21 I have not been fully paid in leave encashment benefit.
Ans. You are reQuested to approach AFCAO(NEAS) and AFRO (Recording Wing).
Q 22 When will I receive my PPO?
Ans. In case of normal discharge PPO is issued in the month of DOD. In case of non- receipt of PPO you may contact AFRO(Pension & Welfare Wing(Service Pension)) through e-mail/telephone.
Q 23 I can see in the website that my PPO has been despatched but I am yet to receive it. Why?
Ans. You are advised to contact AFRO(Pension & Welfare Wing(Service Pension)) through e-mail/telephone to know despatch details.
Q 24 My status for issue of PPO still shows “ as under progress” why?
Ans. Your case may be under objection. You are advised to contact AFRO (Pension & Welfare Wing(Service Pension)) through e-mail/telephone in this regard.
Q.25. I am proceeding on discharge during this month. My unit has not received approved copy of LE Performa till date.
Ans. You are advised to approach AFCAO (NEAS) and AFRO (Recording Wing).
Q.26. I have been discharged from service on --------.I have encashed 300 days of annual leave. But I have been paid for 265 days only. How can I get 35 day‟s balance amount?.
Ans. You are advised to approach AFCAO (NEAS) and AFRO (Recording Wing).
Q.27. I have been discharged from service as HFO on ------------------------. I have received my PPO as MWO. When shall I get my PPO in HFO rank.
Ans. Cases for pensionery benefit in respect of normal discharge cases are being forwarded 9 months before Date of Discharge. Accordingly, PPO‟s are issued as per the rank mentioned in Pension Papers. Case for Revision of Rank i/r/o pensioners promoted afterwards are being taken up with O/o Jt CDA for issue of corr PPO through AFCAO (NEAS) on receipt of RCSR after settlement of NE Benefits.
Q.28. Revised PPOs are being issued to JWO to MWO who retired after 2005. Is it applicable for Honorary ranks also, as Honorary officers are also getting less payment compared to the HFOs who retired before 1-1-2006?.
Ans. All such cases have been referred to CGDA by Jt CDA for clarification on the subject.
Q.29. I have been discharged from service and completed 15 years but my bank is not restoring my full pension.
Ans. You are advised to contact your bank regarding restoration of full pension on completion of 15 years. Instruction to this effect has been printed in the PPO overleaf. In case of difficulties, you are advised to approach AFRO (Pension & Welfare Wing (Service Pension)).
Q.30. I have received a revised PPO. My basic pension both in new and old PPO is unchanged. Only gratuity amount has been increased.
Ans. Your basic pension has been already fixed based on top notional pay, hence basic pension remains unchanged in revised PPO. Gratuity amount has been increased due to grant of 5 years in total length of service.
Q.31. I have proceeded on discharge two months back however I have got my copy of PPO, the bank has not received its copy of PPO therefore my pension is held up. Please do something.
Ans. All PPOs are dispatched through Registered post therefore the chances of transit loss are very less. As per the existing procedure, the PPOs are dispatched through Central Pension Processing Centres in case of SBI and link bank in respect of all other banks, from where the PPO is redirected to payee branch after making necessary records. The dispatch of the PPO from the CPPC/ link bank to the payee branch is a weak link and a lot of delay can take place, if the CPPC / link bank is not giving it due priority. The pensioners must resolve the issue with this CPPC/link bank, to payee branch transfer through representation/liaison with the bank. If after all efforts the bank states that they haven‟t received the PPO, then the bank will be reQuired to send a „Loss Certificate‟ (in duplicate) to AFRO. Based on this loss certificate AFRO will initiate necessary action for issue of duplicate PPO by JCDA. It must be remembered that a loss certificate is a precaution against double payment of pension/ fraud. Therefore without loss certificate, duplicate PPO will not be issued by the financial watchdogs i.e. Office of JCDA (AF).
Q.32. How many period of deficiency in service can be condoned by the AOC, AFRO?
Ans. Deficiency in service, for eligibility to service pension or gratuity in lieu may be condoned by the AOC, AFRO up to six months in each case. However AIR HQ can condone deficiency in service up to 12 months. This condonation, however, cannot be given in following cases:
(a) An individual who is discharged at his own reQuest
(b) An individual who is eligible for special pension or gratuity
(c) An individual who is invalided out of service with less than 15 years of service.
Q.33. Can a pensioner open his pension account in any bank near to his hometown?
Ans. No, a pensioner has to open his Pension account in an authorized bank as listed in PDA address book (or any other branch under the authorized link bank) already supplied to all the Air force units by AFRO. This aspect is also briefed at the time of Final Clearance at this office.
Q.34. My name is correct as per my pay slip, then how can it be wrong as per service documents?
Ans. The master/ legal/Audit document for correctness of name is the enrolment form (P-5) kept with RCSR. Every other source of entry for name has to match P-5.
Q.35 I lost my PPO and Pension Book. What is the procedure to a obtain duplicate copy of both ?
Ans. Duplicate Copy of PPO is not issued to individuals. However, an attested copy can be obtained on submission of a personal application to AFRO. On loss of Pension Book, you may approach your PDA (Bank/DPDO/Treasury) for issue of duplicate Pension Book. You may also approach AFRO and submit the following documents for taking up your case with PCDA(P)(all cases prior to 01 Nov 85)/JCDA(AF)(all cases from 01 Nov 85) for issue of Duplicate Pension Book.
(a) Demand Draft for Rs.10/- in favour of PCDA(P) payable at Allahabad /Dy CDA(AF) payable at New Delhi, as the case may be.
(b) Original copy of Affidavit
(c) Letter from individual.
(d) Copy of PPO, if available and
(e) Original copy of FIR alongwith Non Traceable Report.
Q.36. I could not draw pension continuously for a period for five years. What is the procedure for restoration of my stopped pension.
Ans. As per Pension Payment Instructions, 1973 (Revised), Para 109.2, the pensioner‟s name will be struck off from the pension establishment, if he fails to draw pension continuously for a period of five years or more and his pension documents will be returned to CDA(P). However, as per Para 110.2, the pension can be restored by the PDA after obtaining sanction from PCDA(P). The pensioner has to submit the following documents to his PDA for taking up the case for restoration of his stopped pension.
(a) Formal application duly mentioning convincing reasons for non drawal of pension.
(b) IAFA(CDA)651 in duplicate duly filled in and signed with stamp of PDA (available with PDAs)
(c) Nationality Certificate
(d) Non employment / Re employment certificate
(e) Life Certificate
(f) Non – remarriage certificate of the pensioner
(g) Copy of PPO
Q.37 In which cases the Endorsement of Family Pension is reQuired, please brief?
Ans. Endorsement of Family Pension is reQuired in the under mentioned cases:
(a) If an Airman is discharged prior to 01 Jan 1986 and his family name is not endorsed in his PPO.
(b) If an Airman has married after post 1986 discharge
(c) If an Airman has legally divorced his first wife and re-married after discharge from the service.
(d) If first wife of an Airman has died and the Airman has re-married after discharge from service.

Q.1. I am the mother of the late airman, why should the wife get the pension when my son was not happy with her? Why can‟t I get the pension?
Ans. As per Pension Regulation wife is the highest eligible heir for receiving family pension. How happy / un-happy your son was with your daughter in-law could have been an issue for divorce had your son been alive. However, after his death the only issue is the legality of marriage, your son‟s happiness/un-happiness has no direct bearing on her legal eligibility to family pension. Mother is the highest eligible heir only for a bachelor airman.
Q.2. Since the first wife is dead, why can‟t I get the pension as second wife?
Ans. When you got married the first wife was alive, therefore in legal terms your marriage had become null and void ab-initio and will remain null and void through out. The mere death of first wife does not change the null and void status of your illegitimate marriage.
Q.3. My husband and his first wife were under the process of mutual divorce; I met the first wife and took her clearance for my marriage. After six months of my marriage legal divorce was granted between the first wife and my husband. Therefore, I fail to understand as to what the problem is and why I am being denied my family pension?
Ans. Your actions may appear to be socially correct but they are wrong from the legal point of view. You should have married only after divorce of first wife. Till the divorce order by a court of law was issued to the first wife she continued to be the legal wife of your late husband. Since you married six months before the date of divorce, therefore, your marriage has become null and void and will remain so. The consent of first wife does not provide legality to your marriage. Since your marriage is null and void ab-initio, you are not eligible for family pension.
Q.4. I am the mother of the late airman. His minor children from first wife are with me. After the death of his first wife my son had married another lady who does not look after the children born from my first daughter in law. Can I get pension on behalf of minor children of my first daughter in law?
Ans. Pension Regulations provide for division of pension between the children of first legal wife and the second legal wife (i.e. marriage after legal divorce / death of first wife). If after verification it is proved that you had been keeping the minor children with you from the first wife of the late airman then you can produce a guardianship certificate and as a legal guardian of the minor child you will get 50% of the entitled pension till the child is 18 years of age there after the child himself can receive his pension. The other 50% will go to the legal second wife. After the first child from first wife attains the age of 25 years of age then the pension will go to the second child till he/she attains the age of 25 years of age. After both the children have reached 25 years of age full pension will be restored to the second legal wife.
Q.5. My daughter in law is suspected of murdering my newly married son in connivance with her lover. She is pregnant and in police custody. She is a blot on the name of woman-hood. Please make sure that no pension is paid to her and I am paid pension as mother.
Ans. As per Pension Regulations when an eligible heir is suspected of murder she will not be paid with any pensionary benefits till the final decision of the court. However, as per law every accused is innocent till proved otherwise in the court of law. Therefore, as per Pension Regulation family pension will remain frozen and will not be paid to any other eligible heir including you till the final court judgment. Even if your daughter in law is convicted, since she is pregnant her child will be the next highest eligible heir for family pension. Since you are alleging that the child belongs to the lover and not to your son, you are at a liberty to reQuest for a DNA test and get a suitable order from a court of law in this matter. No family pension will be disbursed in this case till the court gives an order on either convicting or releasing your daughter in law. Further, in case the daughter in law is convicted the onus of proving your allegation that the child belongs to her lover and not to your late son sQuarely rests on you. If you fail to get a suitable court order the pension will go to the legal guardian of the child
Q.6. My husband has died recently and I went to collect my family pension to the bank as per joint notification. However, there is a difference of my name in the joint notification and the account I have with the bank. The bank has refused to pay me family pension. Please advice me and help me.
Ans. Family Pension has a history of conflict between the legal and the illegal wife for grabbing family pension. Since only the legal wife is entitled for family pension therefore, the checks and balances at every Govt agency in terms of correct name of the widow and her correct identity are very critical for commencing family pension. Your husband should have been very careful in ensuring that your name has been written correctly in his service records. We have instances of widows who have fought for ten to twenty years in a court of law to prove their status as a legal wife. Now we will carry out a
investigation through our Air Force Police and thereafter based on the emerging facts we will give you a suitable advice on future course of action.
Q.7. My husband left Air Force as a bachelor and married me after two years of retirement. Since you have written that as per the records at AFRO he was a bachelor. Please advice me and help me.
Ans. Your husband was drawing pension and therefore he must be aware that his wife will be entitled for family pension. Not informing about his marriage and birth of children after his discharge to this office was a grave error on his part. Now you will have to satisfy certain legal and procedural formalities to prove that you are his legally wedded wife and that your children were born out of marriage with him. In addition, we will do our own enQuiry on this matter. Please wait for our detailed letter.
Q.8. My husband has been declared as a deserter and dismissed from service. However, I feel that he is missing and has probably died in un-fortunate circumstances. I have no money and no one is there to look after me. Please advice and help me.
Ans. Desertion is a serious offence for any fighting force. Therefore, till your husband is a deserter no financial benefits can be given to you. Since you feel that he is not a deserter and he might have died under un-fortunate circumstances. We will write to the last parent unit of your husband to carry out a fresh Court of InQuiry into this matter in accordance with Air HQ letter No Air HQ/40295/PA-III dated 08 Sep 99. If based on this inQuiry it emerges that your husband is not a
deserter but a missing presumed dead person then your case for family pension would be considered.
In addition to this provision you also have the option to go to a court of law (after seven years of your husband presumably being missing) under section 108 of Indian Evidence Act. If the court declares your husband as a missing presumed dead person then again your case for family pension could be considered. However, please be informed that any deliberate attempt by you for wrongful financial gains by willfully hiding the fact of his desertion can subseQuently result in criminal proceedings against you.
Q.9 I am an employed lady with State / Central Govt, my husband has expired, since I am earning a handsome salary, will I get family pension or not?
Ans. Yes, you are entitled for Family Pension of your deceased husband alongwith applicable rate of Dearness Relief irrespective of your pay scale. This is a privilege given to all legally wedded wives.
Q.10. What is the procedure for withdrawing pension of an insane /physically handicapped pensioner?
Ans. The procedure for such an eventuality is given in PPI Para 38. In order to protect the interest of the pensioner certain checks and balances are there in this procedure. Please write to AFRO for a detailed advice on this matter.
Q.11. If 50 % DA is merged with basic pay or a new pay commission is implemented then will my pension get revised?
Ans. The decision as to whether the pension is to be revised or not has to be taken by the Govt. If the Govt decides to revise the pension, then going by the past experience it is expected that revision orders with revision table (old rate versus new rate) will be forwarded to Pension Disbursing Offices (Banks, Treasury and D PDO) who will responsible for automatic revision of pension. This office will have no direct role on this matter however, if a representation is received at this office, suitable advise will be given to pensioner
Q.12 . My daughter is unmarried/divorced/widow. I would like to nominate her name for family pension and her name may be endorsed in my PPO.
Ans. As per policy in vogue anticipatory endorsement of name of unmarried/widow/divorced daughter does not exist in Defence. They may approach AFRO as and when contingencies arise and same will be considered if otherwise meet all eligibility criteria.
Q.13. I am re-employed in State Govt Service/Bank. Whether my family is eligible for dual family pension?
Ans. Dual family pension is authorised to the families of ex air warriors who were re-employed in any organization where Employees Pension Scheme 1995 or Family pension Scheme 1971 is in force. Pension disbursed by both State Govt or Bank is not covered under any of the pension schemes mentioned above. Hence your family is not entitled for dual family pension.

Q.1. When I was selected in the IAF I was fit therefore whatever disease/disability I have picked up in service is because of the hard nature of Military Service. Therefore, why is my disease/disability categorized as not attributable to/aggravated by the military service?
Ans. A disability can creep in a fully fit person either through an injury or through a disease. If the disability is due to injury, then the COI/Injury Report will comment on the circumstances under which the injury took place. If the injury has taken place while discharging an Air Force duty, only then, it will be attributable to the service, not otherwise. Similarly, a disease can emerge due to constitutional / genetic reasons or due to situation created by the Military Service. The Specialist Medical Officers in IMB/RMB have clear guidelines (IAP 4303) on how to distinguish between the two. The specialist Medical opinion will be considered as final for the purpose of deciding attributability to / aggravation by Military Service.
Q.2. What is RAMB? My disability was initially assessed as 60% but now in the RAMB it has been reduced to 20%. Why?
Ans. The disability percentage initially granted to the individual by IMB/RMB can reduce with time bound improvement. However certain other disease/disability can increase in percentage with time bound deterioration. The purpose of RAMB (Re-Assessment Medical Board) is to reassess this disability and reduce/increase the disability percentage as per specialist medical opinion. Accordingly the RAMB has the powers to reduce the disability percentage from 60% to 20% or even less. Similarly RAMB can increase disability percentage from 60% to higher figures. However, even if disability percentage is reduced to less than 20%, still the service element (where applicable) with DA continues.
Q.3. What is OTRAMB in respect of Pre – 96 retirees?
Ans. The earlier system was that the disease /disability were reviewed periodically every two to three years or less after discharge /superannuation by RAMB. This system was causing a lot of inconvenience to pensioners who were old and disabled. The Govt, therefore, decided to conduct one last and final, One Time RAMB for Pre-96 disability pensioners. The recommendations of the RAMB on the disability percentage were to be treated as final and for life.
Q.4. When I have discharged (LMC) at a higher rank why am I getting disability pension for lower rank?
Ans. Disability Pension is given for the rank, which was held at the time of the onset of the disease/injury. It has nothing to do with the rank holding at the time of discharge. However, in medically boarded out (IMB) cases an individual get disability pension for the rank held by him on the date of invaliding from service.
Q.5. Am I entitled for DA / Family pension on Disability Pension?
Ans. Merging of 50% DA as Dearness Pay and admissible DA on total is entitled on disability pension. Family pension is entitled on service element of disability pension as well as on Invalid Pension. However those pensioners who are not in receipt of Invalid pension/ service elements of disability pension are not eligible for FP.
Q.6. I am a case of RMB. Why my disability is not rounded off to higher figure like IMB cases?
Ans. The special provision of rounding off disability percentage to higher figure is only applicable for individuals who are invalided out of service solely on medical grounds through an IMB before completion of engagement / extended engagement period of service, on account of disability accepted as either attributable to or aggravated by military service. This provision is not applicable for individuals after completion of their terms of engagement / on attaining the age of superannuation.
Q.7. I am a pre – 96 IMB case. Why my disability pension is not rounded off like Post – 96 IMB cases?
Ans. The provision of rounding off disability percentage to specified higher figure for IMB cases has been introduced on the recommendations of 5th Pay Commission and was applicable wef 01 Jan 96. However, due to improvement in the policy, this provision has been extended to pre-96 IMB retirees also who are in receipt of disability pension as on 01 Jul 09. To get the benefit of rounding off of disability element percentage, duly filled appendix „A‟ in triplicate are to be forwarded to concerned PSA through PDA. The arrears are to be paid wef 01 Jul 09 only.
Q.8. I have gone out of service at own reQuest. Why am I not eligible for Disability Pension?
Ans. As per Note under Para 8.3 of MOD letter No. 1(2)/97/D(Pen-C) dated 31 Jan 2001 and Note 2 (b) of Air HQ letter No. Air HQ/24229/SOP/PP&R 3(i)/CL/40/06 dated 31 Oct 06, a person going out of service at his own reQuest is not eligible for disability pension. Now the policy has been amended. Personnel discharged from service in this clause are also eligible for disability pension. The provision is applicable wef 01 Jan 2006 only.
Q.9. I am an SNLR case. Why, I am not entitled for service element in disability pension?
Ans. As per interpretation of Audit Authorities, service element in disability pension is only authorised when an individual is invalided out of service on medical grounds i.e IMB Discharges. Since individuals who go out on SNLR grounds do not fit the category of invalidation out of service on medical grounds therefore, those individuals (SNLR case), who are low in medical category and are eligible for disability pension, are only given disability element of disability pension and not the service element.
Q.10. I am a pre-1964 retiree with low medical category. Why I am not entitled for invalid pension like post – 1964 retiree?
Ans. The provision of invalid pension is applicable only for Post – 64 retirees as per the Govt orders in this matter. Please refer Para 171 of Pension Regulations for IAF, 1961 (Part-I) for more clarification.
Q.11. Who is supposed to revise/What is the procedure for revising my disability pension rates as per the new pay commission?
Ans. In case of Pre-06, if an individual is already drawing the pension, then the onus of revising his disability pension and DA as per new pay commission/New DA rates lies with the Pension Disbursing Office (Bank, DPDO, Treasury Office). To implement this, PCDA(P), Allahabad has already issued instructions to all PDAs vide Circular No. 410 dated 13 May 09. AFRO has no direct role in this revision. However, in case of problems, pensioners can contact AFRO who will issue an advisory to the PDA on this matter. In case of Post – 96 pensioners, the disability pension will be revised by JCDA (AF) New Delhi.
Q.12. My husband/ son is invalided out of service. He is mentally un-sound/in a vegetable states and can not get up from the bed. Can I draw his pension as his wife/father/mother/ NOK?
Ans. As per Para 9 and 38 of Pension Payment Instructions 1973 Edition, there is a provision to collect pension by next of kin on behalf of an individual who is not mentally fit (i.e. insane cases etc). However in this procedure there are checks and balances to protect the interest of the pensioner. Such cases can be referred to Pension disbursing office (bank etc) or AFRO for advice on the procedure given in the PPI.
Q.13. My RMB/IMB has recommended a very high percentage of disability (50%, 80%, 100% etc.) then why am I not eligible for disability pension?
Ans. To become eligible for disability pension, besides the disability percentage, the injury/disease should also be either attributable to or aggravated by Military service. Therefore, despite high disability percentage an individual will not be eligible for disability pension, if his medical board (IMB/RMB) has given opinion that the injury/disease was not attributable to/aggravated by the Military Service.
Q.14. Can I get a copy of the COI and RMB/IMB/RAMB proceedings? How will I know my disability percentage and whether my disease/ injury is attributable to/ aggravated by service?
Ans. Yes. After adjudication of disability pension claim, P&WW (DP) sends an original copy of IMB/RMB to individual alongwith letter communicated regarding rejection/acceptance of disability pension claim. To know your disability percentage and whether your disability is attributable to / aggravated by service, you can find it while signing on the pages of IMB/RMB. Airmen/NCs(E) are advised not to sign on blank forms. Regarding a copy of RAMB, it may be send to individual if he demands.
Q.15. How freQuently and at what interval RAMB is reQuired to be carried out?
Ans. As per present policy, wherever possible (for disability of permanent nature), the medical board will recommend the disability pension for lifetime. For other cases based on medical specialist opinion one RAMB will be carried within two to five years or less and a final decision on lifetime disability will be given. There will normally be no reQuirement for a second RAMB.
Q.16. What is Invalid Gratuity?
Ans. In case an individual is invalidated out of service, on account of causes, which are neither attributable to nor aggravated by Air Force Service and his actual Qualifying service is more than five years but less than ten years, then he is eligible for grant of invalid gratuity and DCRG. In case service of an individual is less than five years and more than six months, he is eligible for invalid gratuity only. The Quantum of invalid gratuity is eQual to one month‟s pay of the rank last held, for each year of service rendered. The pay means the pay last drawn. Invalid gratuity is exempted from Income Tax.
Q.17. What is the Appeal Medical Board and where is it conducted?
Ans. In all cases at the appeal stage, where the Appeal Medical Authority disagrees with the awards of the Invaliding Medical Board/Release Medical Board (IMB/RMB), a fresh Physical
Examination is held, for which sanction is issued by DGAFMS. The physical examination is held at Base Hospital Delhi Cantt. Free Railway Warrant is not admissible to attend the Appeal Medical Board. The decision of the Appeal Medical Board is considered final and no further review is entertained. (Authy : O/o DGAFMS letter No. 16036/DGAFMS/MA(Pens)/12 dated 16 Mar 05.)
Q.18. What is Review Medical Board?
Ans. (a) At the time of conducting IMB/RMB, if IMB/RMB accepts the disability of any individual as attributable to / aggravated by service but assessed it at less than 20%, then the concerned individual has right to ask for Review Medical Board, if he so desired.
(b) Further, those personnel who are granted Disability Element (DE) of Disability Pension for specific period and later on their disability has been assessed at less than 20% for life through a RAMB as a result of which their Disability Element has been discontinued.
In case the disability is re-assessed at less than 20% by RAMB and the individual is not satisfied with the assessment of the RAMB then he is given an option to submit an application to this office for Review Medical Board. The application forwarded to higher authority (i.e. DGAFMS). On acceptance of the application by DGAFMS, the Review Medical Board is conducted for which the individual has to report to hospitals, zone wise as mentioned below, at their own expense after receiving call up letter from the Hospital. Free Railway Warrant is not admissible to attend the Review Medical Board. The decision of Review Medical Board is considered final and no further appeal/representation is entertained against the decision.
The Review Medical Board is being conducted at the following two hospitals only:-
(i) For North Zone - Army Hospital (R&R), New Delhi – 10
(ii) For South Zone - AFMC, Pune
Q. 19. I am not aware about my disability‟s attributability aspects and degree of percentage assessed by RMB/IMB. How can I know the same?
Ans. As per Para 12 of DGAFMS letter No. 16050/DGAFMS/MA(Pens) dtd 25 Jan 07, signature of the individual on all pages of AFMSF-16 are obtained by RMB/IMB at the time of conducting board. That time individuals can know their attributability aspects and degree of percentage of disability written by board in the AFMSF-16. Further, after adjudication of their disability pension claim by AOC AFRO, a copy of approved AFMSF-16 is despatched to them for their reference. Individuals are advised not to sign on blank pages of AFMSF-16 at the time of conducting their medical board.
Q.20. How much time it will take to get my disability pension PPO after my discharge from service?
RMB CASES: After receipt of adjudication memo alongwith Medical Proceedings from Medical Wing and RCSR & SP-PPO from SP section : 01 month
IMB CASES: After receipt of adjudication memo alongwith Medical Proceedings from Medical Wing , case is taken up for SP-PPO in case of pensionable service
For SP – As and when pension papers received from Unit + 06 – 08 Months.
For DP- As and when SP-PPO received + 01 month.
Q.21. Who are the Members of Appellate Committee for Disability Pension cases?
Ans. (a) Appellate Committee on First Appeal
Chairman – ACAS (PA&C)
Members – Dy DGAFMS,
Deputy Financial Advisor (Pensions)
(b) Appellate Committee on Second Appeal
Chairman – VCAS
Mimbers – (i) AOP
(ii) JS & Addl FA (R)
(iii) DGHS (Armed Forces)
(iv) JAG (Army) / JAG (Navy)
Q.22. How many appeals can be preferred on rejection of disability pension?
As per rules a person is entitled for preferring two appeals for consideration of his case for grant of disability pension appellate committee on pension at Air HQ.
Q1. I forgot my password. How can I retrieve the same?
Ans. (a) Go to IAFPC website
(b) Click on login.
(c) Key in your Service No.
(d) Click on forgot password. You would be asked the answer for your hint
Question submitted at the time of registration.
(e) Give the exact answer. The password would be sent to your E-Mail ID.
(f) If hint Q is also forgotten, then reset the password.
Q2. How can I view / apply for job opportunities at IAFPC website?
Ans. (a) Log in to IAFPC website
(b) Click on job search option given at your welcome page.
(c) All the job available on the website would be listed out.
(d) Click on the desired job. Details of the job would be displayed.
(e) Go through the QRs of the job and ascertain your eligibility and willingness
for the job. Get sensed up on the company profile.
(f) Click Apply button. Your willingness for the job would get submitted with IAFPC.
Q3. Ho do I update my profile?
Ans. (a) Log in to IAFPC website
(b) Click on my profile option given at your welcome page. Your profile would get displayed.
(c) Amend the respective fields as desired by you. Click on submit button.
Q4. How to view current status of job applied?
Ans. (a) Log in to IAFPC website
(b) Click on my application option given at your welcome page.
(c) Select the period for which you want to see the status. Click the view button.
(d) Status of job application as applied by you will appear as Sponsored / Rejected / Pending.
Q5. How to view the profiles of sponsored candidates at website? (By Employers)
Ans. (a) Log in to IAFPC website (At Company Zone)
(b) Click on the “Manpower from IAFPC” link.
(c) All the recently sponsored vacancies would appear on the screen.
(d) Click on the view button against the respective vacancies to view the
sponsored profiles and download the resumes.
Q6. How to upload the resume?
Ans. (a) Log in to IAFPC website
(b) Click on the resume option given at your welcome page.
(c) Select the option “Upload Resume”.
(d) Browse the destination where the resume is saved and select.
(e) The resume will get uploaded.
Q 1. I have lost my discharge book. Can I be issued with duplicate discharge book?
Ans. You can be issued with a duplicate discharge book. For this purpose you have to lodge an FIR and forward a copy of the same along with an affidavit stating the circumstances of loss and two copies of joint photograph duly attested by Zila Sainik Board. It should also be mentioned in the affidavit that the original discharge book will be returned to AFRO in case it is found at a later date.
Q 2. I have been discharged from the Air Force. The name of my wife is jointly notified in my PPO. Now, I want that my family should draw family pension from my present employer. What action should I take?
Ans. Your family can draw family pension either from Defence or from Civil re-employer, whichever is beneficial to her. In case you wish to draw family pension from civil, you need to give an option to this effect through your re-employer and Pension Disbursing Office. On receipt, AFRO takes up the case with Pension Sanctioning Authority for issue of an new PPO reflecting cancellation of family pension from Defence. NOC for grant of family pension from civil is issued by AFRO to the re-employer on receipt of cancellation PPO.
Q 3. What is minimum Qualifying service to be eligible for issue of Diploma/Competence certificate?
Ans. The minimum Qualifying service to be eligible for grant of Diploma/Competence certificate is 10 years of service including training period.
Q 4. What is the procedure for issue of provisional Diploma/Competence certificate before proceeding on discharge?
Ans. Proper certificate will be issued by AFRO only at the time of discharge, provisional certificates may be issued to eligible and desirous airmen, before proceeding on discharge for applying for a post in civil, by AOC/Stn Cdr/ CO of the Station/Unit concerned.
Q 5. I intend to get my former Air Force service counted towards re-employed post. Will I cease to draw my pension from Air Force if my previous service is counted toward new service?
Ans. Yes, in case your former service is counted towards re-employed post, you will cease to draw your pension from the date of your re-employment. Also you have to surrender the commutation and DCRG granted to you at the time of the discharge from the Air Force. However, you can keep the pension amount drawn from the date of discharge from the Air Force till the date of re-employment in the civil post (Govt/PSUs/Semi Govt).
Q 6. The amount of commutation and DCRG is to be refunded to whom?
Ans. The amount together with the interest there upon as arrived at by your re-employer will have to be deposited with the Dy CDA (Air Force), Subroto Park, New Delhi by way of a DD payable in favour of Dy CDA (AF). This draft can be forwarded by your re-employer either directly to Dy CDA(AF) or through AFRO.
Q 7. After discharge, I have divorced my first wife and re-married to a divorcee having one child from previous marriage. Is this occurrence reQuired to be reflected in my service records? If yes, what steps should I take?.
Ans. An occurrence regarding divorce/death of wife and re-marriage including birth of child/adoption after discharge from service is reQuired to be published in SUP NE POR and be reflected in your service records. You have to forward the following documents to AFRO for each occurrence as given below :
(a) Divorce of wife: In case of divorce with first wife, you are reQuested to forward the Court Decree called “Divorce Absolute”. Please understand the divorce decree absolute is granted after the court has passed the judgement on the case of divorce.
(b) Re-marriage after discharge: In case of re- marriage after discharge from service, you are reQuested to submit marriage certificate issued by Registrar of Marriage and an affidavit to that effect along with two joint photographs duly attested by Zila Sainik Board.
(c) Adoption of children: NE POR for Adoption of children will be promulgated on the basis of “adoption deed” and birth certificate of children issued by Registrar of Births & Deaths.
Q 8. I have changed my permanent home address which was given at the time of retirement. What is the procedure for endorsing the same in my service records?
Ans. You are reQuested to submit declaration form (available with Zila Sainik Board) in triplicate from your Zila Sainik Board (from old Zila Sainik Board through new Zila Sainik Board after their necessary verification, if applicable) to AFRO for promulgation of NE POR for change of permanent home address.
Q 9. A child was born to my wife after I got discharged from service. What are the documents reQuired for including my child‟s name in my service records?
Ans. The following documents are reQuired for the said purpose:-
(a) Personal application for promulgation of NE POR for birth of child.
(b) Affidavit from Notary (Name of the mother of child and full details of child should be mentioned in Affidavit).
(c) Birth Certificate of child issued by Registrar of Birth & Deaths.
Q.1. I have retired after 01 Apr 2003, but my contribution for ECHS has not been deducted
through the PPO. How can I become an ECHS member?
Ans. AFRO has sent a letter to all retirees after 01 Apr 2003, advising them on this matter. AFRO will take direct responsibility of ECHS membership only for those Ex-Airmen /NCs (E)/ NOKs whose ECHS contribution have been deducted through their PPO (approximately w.e.f. Oct 2003). All other retirees will have to become ECHS member through their nearest ECHS Stn HQ / ECHS Regional centers.
Q.2. Where will I get my smart cards?
Ans. Normally ECHS Smart cards are despatched to the last unit, if it is received before DoD. However the ESM whose smart cards are received at this office after their DoD are dispatched to ECHS Stn HQ under intimation to individual in the address mentioned in ECHS application. Generally the ESM who submit their ECHS application to this office as per the prescribed time schedule, their smart cards are dispatched to their NE Unit and who submit their ECHS application behind schedule their smart cards are received after DoD and dispatched to the respective ECHS Stn HQ.
Q.3. What action is to be taken when excess amount is deducted through PPO for ECHS Contribution.?
Ans. Normally ECHS contributions of ESM are recovered through their PPO by Jt CDA(AF) Delhi. Barring few cases, the deductions are accurate and as per the last Grade Pay. In few cases where the deduction is excess, the same is to be taken up with Jt CDA (AF) through P&WW(SP) for refund. However in those cases who deposit their contribution through MRO are to approach the respective ECHS Stn HQ / Regional Centre alongwith individual copy of MRO for refund of excess amount.
Q.4. How many smart cards are entitled for each ESM?
Ans. Prior to Jun 09, ESM were entitled for only 04 smart cards and more than four members are accommodated in the master card issued to the pensioner. But Since Jun 09, smart cards for each dependent member has been made mandatory and the cost of each Smart card is Rs.135/-
Q.5. Is affidavit is reQuired if card is made for self only?
Ans. Yes, Affidavit for all applicants irrespective of their martial status / dependent affidavit is mandatory.