Directorate of Air Veterans (DAV) has become operational wef 17 Sep 12 in its new premises at Subroto Park. This Dte willbe a repository of all pension related policies from 2nd CPC till date. It will deal with Retiring Pensions, Disability Pensions and Family Pensions etc., to mention a few. It will be a single point contact for all retired officers/men, PCDA, Pension Disbursing Banks (PDBs), Central Pension Processing Cells (CPPCs) for any issue pertaining to pensions. The DAV would also serve as an interface for effective dealing with various Govt agencies and other agencies between KSB, ECHS, Do P&T, DGR and C II for welfare and employment awareness of retired personnel. Some of the main roles and tasks of the Dte is as follows: -

  • To assist the Govt to frame policy on all types of Pension/Family Pension and welfare measures in respect of Air Veterans.
  • To initiate progress and finalize pension cases of Air Veterans on Superannuation, Pre Mature Separation from service,   
      discharge from service, Removal / Dismissal, Absorption in PSUs.
  • To process Disability/War Injury pensions.
  • To process cases for revision for all types of pensions for Air Veterans.
  • To process cases of Reservist Pension as applicable.
  • To process cases of Gratuity and Commutation of Air Veterans.
  • To process Liberalized Family Pension, Special Family Pension & Ordinary Family Pension to next of kin of Air Veterans.
  • To process pension for dependent / handicapped children /unmarried /widowed daughter of Air Veterans.
  • To process Dependent / Ordinary Family Pension for unmarried Air Veterans.
  • To process appeals against rejection of Disability / Special Family Pension etc.
  • To process timely finalization of non-effective dues comprising Leave Encashment (LE), balance in IRLA  and Gratuity
    (Non pension dues) in respect of officers, airmen and NCs (E) on their retirement / Pre-Mature Separation from service / Discharge
    / Dismissal / Invalidment / MBO/Death etc and re-opening of cases, if required.
  • Address issues / representation / RTIs / Court cases raised by air veterans.
  • Process legal petitions filed by Air Force Personnel pertaining to pension and other NE benefits and monitoring such cases i.e. prepare
    draft for making parawise comments counter affidavits and filing of legal documents by MoD.
  • To formulate policies on ECHS issues in consultation with the other two Services, including setting up of new polyclinics under IAF.
  • To maintain documents and records of all Air Veterans.
  • To coordinate Review Medical Board (RMB) and dispose off cases on disability pension.
  • To take up post retiral issues with JCDA like birth, death, divorce, marriage, remarriage etc.
  • To handle issues related to counting of former service.
  • To assist retired/retiring air warriors in finding a second career in the civil sector.
  • To implement Govt of India policies in respect of pension and welfare of ESM.
  • To formulate policies for management of Air Force Old Age Homes.
  • Maintenance and custody of pension and medical documents for retired Air Veterans in Document Library for prescribed period.
  • Issue identity cards to gallantry awardees.
  • Act as a pension Grievances Cell for retired Air Force Personnel.
  • Act as single point contact for advisory to pensioners and NOKs and assist them in resolving issues with agencies in the pension process.